Fumasep F-10100 Membrane 20 mm dia. (pack of 100)

  • £29400

Fumasep F-10100 is a non-reinforced perfluorinated cation-exchange membrane with low resistance, high mechanical stability, high selectivity and high chemical / oxidative stability.

Application note
Fumasep F-10100 is typically used in electrochemical processes requiring cation exchange membranes with high oxidative stability such as water electrolysis, fuel cells, redox-flow batteries, etc. The membrane is delivered in a dry form (non-activated). In order to receive immediately high performance and lowest resistance it is recommended to pre-treat the membrane in aqueous 10 wt% H2SO4 solution at T = 70 – 100 °C for at least 6 h. After thorough washing with demineralized water (pH ~ 7) the membrane is ready for use. Membranes will expand and contract based on moisture content. Especially as for water electrolysis, the activation can be carried out in-situ in the cell without any acid pre-treatment as well.

brand: fumatech
shape: round
diameter: 20 mm
thickness (dry): 95-105 μm,

Product includes
100 pcs of Fumasep F-10100 Membrane


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