ELMI TW-2.03 Circulating Water Bath Thermostats with 8.5L Plastic Tank

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ELMI TW-2.03 Circulating Water Bath Thermostats with 8.5L Plastic Tank

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The plastic TW-2.03 convenient and reliable 8.5 liter bath that consistently deliver outstanding results in the lab.


  • Precise and user-friendly temperature control in the bath
  • Automatic water level detection system
  • Variable water circulation speed
  • External water circulation pump to accurately heat other items
  • Thorough water mixing to maintain consistent temperature
  • Slim, simplified design for quick and easy disassembling and cleaning

                                            Technical Specification:

                                            Model TW-2.03
                                            SKU# CWB-P
                                            Temperature Range in the Bath Ambient +3 up to 90 (˚C)
                                            Accuracy of Set Temperature Maintenance in the Bath ±0.1 (˚C)
                                            Max Time of Set Temperature Achievement 50 (min)
                                            Max Bath Capacity 8.5 (L)
                                            Temperature Stabilization Above the Environmental 3 (˚C)
                                            Water Circulation Speed Variable 2-5 (L/min)
                                            Voltage and Frequency 220V single phase; 50Hz
                                            Power Consumption Up to 1.5 (kW)
                                            Size of the Device (L x W x H) 265 x 330 x 265 (mm)
                                            Weight 1.8 (kg)

                                            About ELMIFounded in Latvia in 1989, ELMI produces the latest and most advanced European lab equipment under ideal manufacturing conditions. ELMI NA offers the best of both worlds – reliable technical support from our local, expert technicians and state-of-the-art technology not found elsewhere….