Delicate Sample Storage and Handling

MSE Supplies offers a series of carriers and boxes for fragile and delicate samples, which are used by our customers when they need to handle, transport, or process small, valuable devices without risk of damage. Our customers are from a variety of fields including semiconductor, optoelectronic, microwave devices, telecommunication, medical devices, automotive, data storage and jewelries.

Our Products include:

Membrane BoxesThe polystyrene plastic membrane boxes include micro thin and flexible polyurethane membranes top and bottom. They are designed for storage and shipping of delicate materials, such as semiconductors, crystals, wafers, crystal substrates, and optical components.

Sticky gel carrier boxesSticky gel carrier boxes are designed to transport, protect and store delicate samples, parts and devices. These high quality sticky gel carrier boxes have a layer of silicone based cross-linked gel in the base of the box. The samples can be secured even if the box is tilted, jarred, or turned upside down. It is widely used for silicon substrate chips, semiconductor devices, MEMS, optoelectronics, optics, single crystal and glass substrates, etc.  

Wafer Carriers: High quality cleanroom class single wafer carrier cases are commonly used for the storage, transport and handling of semiconductor wafers, sapphire wafers or other single crystal substrates. These wafer carrier cases are designed and made with polypropylene (PP) material and are available in different sizes with maximum grip, minimum contact and minimum pressure.

Please contact us for bulk order or customization. 

MSE Supplies also provides both standard and customized high quality single crystals, wafers and substrates for a wide range of applications such as LED, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, electro-optical, photonics, high power electronics, and high frequency power devices, just to name a few. Please contact us for more information.

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