Pasteur Pipettes

MSE Supplies is a trusted distributor of biotechnology laboratory products from NEST Scientific. Our NEST Pasteur pipettes, made of LDPE, are manufactured in an ISO 8-grade cleanroom. We offer 1mL, 2mL and 3mL Pasteur pipette sizes and fully customized pipettes to meet your specifications. Request a quote today.

Case of NEST Pasteur Pipettes, Sterile (2,000/case) or Non-Sterile (5,000/case),  MSE Supplies

NEST Pasteur Pipettes, Sterile or Non-Sterile

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What are Pasteur Pipettes?

A Pasteur pipette is a vital lab instrument primarily used for transferring measured volumes of liquid. Named after renowned French biologist Louis Pasteur, glass Pasteur pipettes consist of a slender, transparent tube with a pipette bulb at the top. This bulb acts as a vacuum to draw and release liquids. Pasteur pipettes often comprise low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for enhanced chemical stability and easy observation.

What Applications Are Pasteur Pipettes Used For?

Pasteur pipettes serve a broad spectrum of applications in scientific and medical fields. Researchers in biochemistry and microbiology labs use them to mix solutions and transfer cultures and reagents. Pasteur pipettes are also instrumental in molecular biology for performing DNA extraction and PCR setup procedures.

Moreover, sterile Pasteur pipettes have specific applications in clinical settings, such as adding drops of medication to a patient's eyes or ears or drawing small blood samples or other bodily fluids. In addition, Pasteur pipettes are commonly used in academic labs for basic experiments due to their cost-effectiveness, easy usage and disposability.

Benefits of Ordering Pasteur Pipettes from MSE Supplies

At MSE Supplies, we prioritize quality, precision and your unique needs at highly competitive prices. Our Pasteur pipettes, made of LDPE and manufactured in an ISO 8 cleanroom, exhibit excellent chemical stability. With clear graduations for easy monitoring and flexibility for use with microvessels and special-shaped containers, they offer unparalleled functionality. Furthermore, we proudly offer customization services to meet your unique specifications. Our materials scientists will help you choose the right Pasteur pipette solution for your applications.

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