Filtration Membrane Types and Applications

MSE Supplies provides top-quality filtration membranes in many sizes and materials, each designed for specific applications. We offer cellulose acetate (CA), nylon, polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), mixed cellulose ester (MCE) and other membrane filter types. For customization or bulk orders, request a quote today.

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GVS Nylon (NY) Filtration Membrane

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1+PAC Filtration Membrane

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What are Filtration Membranes?

Filtration membranes are specialized sheets or layers that allow certain molecules or particles to pass through while blocking others. Depending on their material composition and pore size, these membrane filters can effectively separate substances in a solution, providing clarity, purity or specific analytical outcomes. Whether for clinical analysis, biological research or industrial applications, MSE Supplies offers a comprehensive range of filtration membranes that cater to specific needs.

What Applications are Filtration Membranes Used For?

Filtration membranes are indispensable in sectors ranging from scientific research to industrial processes. In biotechnological and pharmaceutical fields, membrane filters purify drug compounds, separate biological molecules and filtrate serum and media.

Environmental scientists utilize them for water quality analysis, assessing the presence of contaminants in water samples. In the food and beverage industry, filtration membranes ensure product safety and quality by removing unwanted particles and bacteria.

Filtration membranes are essential to air monitoring for particle counting and pollutant detection, particularly in occupational health settings. Cellulose nitrate membranes are crucial for detecting protein and nucleic acid in diagnostics. With advancements in technology, the applications of these membrane filters continue to expand, catering to more specialized and refined needs.

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