How to Choose Between a Planetary Ball Mill and a Roller Jar Mill for Powder Milling Applications.

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There are several factors for choosing between planetary ball mills and roller jar mills. 

  • The biggest factor is the final particle size of the sample after milling. If you are trying to obtain a final particle size that is sub-micron, then a planetary ball mill is your choice. If you don’t need particles that small, the roller jar mills may be sufficient to meet your milling needs.
  • The second major factor for deciding between a planetary and roller mill is efficiency. If you want a particle size that can be achieved by both types of mills. Milling with a planetary ball mill will be a faster option.
  • The next factor to consider is the total volume of material to be pulverized and milled. MSE Supplies offers standard planetary ball mills that can accommodate up to 20L (4 x 5L jars).  The roller jar mills available from MSE Supplies can hold milling jars with the total volume up to 120L (8 x 15L jars).
  • Custom-built planetary ball mills and roller jar mills that meet customers’ specific requirements are also available upon request.  If you don’t see a planetary ball mill or roll jar mill that you want on our website, please email us at for a custom quote. For example, we have built an 80L (4 x 20L jars) planetary ball mill for a customer.
  • Roller jar mills are a more economical choice for you milling needs because of their relatively lower costs than the planetary ball mills
  • Remember that after selecting a type of mill you still need to choose your milling media type. Please see this article for some recommendations on choosing the milling media.  Although this article is more about planetary milling media selection, the same guidelines do apply to roller jar mills.

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