2nd Li-Ion-Solid Electrolyte & Lithium Metal (Liquid & Solid Electrolyte) Rechargeable Cell Manufacturing Seminar, January 21-22, 2020

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January 21-22, 2020

2nd Li-Ion Solid Electrolyte & Lithium Metal (Liquid & Solid electrolyte) Rechargeable Cells Manufacturing Seminar (USA), Livermore, USA, 

This seminar focuses on the technology, design and manufacturing of rechargeable Lithium ion solid state electrolyte & lithium metal (solid & liquid electrolyte) cells. In practical sessions, cell assembly will be performed in hands-on training by starting with raw materials and going through to the final cell assembly, test and characterization.

During this seminar, members from Ampcera Inc. will give a presentation titled "Materials for Solid-State Electrolytes".  The latest Ampcera solid electrolyte materials and technologies to be highlighted in this presentation include sulfide solid electrolytes (Argyrodite-type Li6PS5Cl, Li6PS5Br, LGPS, LPS, and more), oxide ceramic solid electrolytes (LLZO garnet, Nasicon-type LAGP, etc.), and their composites with polymers for roll-to-roll manufacturing.  Some of these high performance solid electrolyte materials are commercially available for sales through MSE Supplies.  

The lecture program gives insights into the latest cell technology trends for materials and manufacturing equipment as well as state-of-the-art process technologies.

This seminar takes place on site at SpectraPower’s Battery Lab in Livermore, CA, USA. Livermore is a 1 hour drive east of San Francisco.

Key Benefits the Seminar provides

• Theoretical & Practical sessions to learn about production steps for Li-ion & lithium metal cells with solid-state electrolytes

• Direct insight into a state-of-the-art lithium rechargeable cell production line

• Supporting lectures with practical sessions including solid-state battery cell technology, processes, and equipment

• Updates on latest technology and market trends in lithium Solid Electrolyte rechargeable batteries

Who Should Attend?

• Battery & Electrochemistry Industry Members

• Electric Vehicle Makers

• Battery Materials Makers

• Battery Manufacturing Equipment Makers

• New Technology Startups

• Potential Investors in Lithium Battery Technology

• Academic Researchers

• Government Lab Researchers

• Other Industry Members

Click here to download the full program of the seminar. 


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