Cylindrical Cell Pilot Line

A pilot production line is designed for small-scale manufacturing, usually 300-500 battery cells per day. The equipment is usually automatic or semiautomatic to produce small quantities of battery cells for testing and validation purposes. Researchers can design the production line to test different types of batteries, especially pouch cell and cylindrical cell to optimize the performance and durability of batteries. The equipment can be customized according to the electrode materials, electrolytes, and cell configurations. There are many similarities between the pilot and industrial-scale production but the pilot equipment possesses more flexibility and requires less space and lower budget. The pilot machine plays a critical role in the ongoing development and improvement of battery technology.

A cylindrical cell pilot line typically consists of several automated equipment for electrode manufacturing, cell assembly, and testing to produce high-quality battery cells with customized shape and size.

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Cylindrical Cell Pilot Line Equipment

1. Electrode preparation
    Used to prepare the positive and negative electrodes, including machines for mixing, coating, pressing and drying the electrode materials and sheets.

2. Battery assembly  
    Used to assemble the positive and negative electrodes with the separator to form a battery cell, including machines for winding, welding, grooving and sealing the battery cases.

3. Electrolyte filling
    Used to vaccum the battery case and fill electrolyte.

4. Formation and testing
    Used to charge and discharge the battery cell to activate and stabilize cells and evaluate the performance of final batteries.