Current Collectors for Lithium-ion Batteries

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A typical lithium-ion battery consists of two current collectors, an anode, a cathode, a separator and electrolyte. Current collectors work as a support for electrode materials. They are also electrical conductors between electrode and external circuits.

For lithium-ion battery, various current collectors are used such as Al, Cu, Ni, Ti, and stainless steel. Within the above materials, Al and Cu are the most commonly used materials as current collectors. Al is used for a cathode current collector and Cu is used as an anode current collector. Al and Cu current collectors can further be categorized into foil, meshed, foam and carbon coated type current collectors.

Meshed foil is generally lighter than regular foil with the same thickness. It can improve device power density due to its lighter weight and more active material loading. Besides, for the meshed structure, it has better electrolyte infiltration, better coating adhesion and reduced internal resistance.

Foam type current collectors has higher porosity, light weight, high strength and specific surface area. It can improve capacity, cycling performance and thermal management. 

Carbon coated type current collectors has several advantages.

  • Improved electrical conductivity and less internal resistance
  • Improved adhesion at active layer/current collector interface
  • Inhibition of cell polarization and short circuit caused by dendrite growth
  • Prevention of substrate corrosion caused by electrolyte 

Al current collectors

Al is widely used for cathode due to its high electrochemical stability and conductivity. Moreover, Al has good mechanical properties and low density which is beneficial for increasing battery gravimetric energy density.

MSE supplies offers various type of Al current collectors.


Al foil

Meshed Al foil

Condcuctive carbon coated Al foil

Al foam

Single sided shiny

Lighter weight

Single side coating (coated on shiny side )

Double side coating

Porous, light weight

Dimension customizable

Dimension customizable

Coating type:  Aqueous or organic solvent

Dimension customizable


Cu current collectors

Cu is widely used for anode since it also has high electrochemical stability and conductivity.

MSE supplies offers various type of Cu current collectors.


Cu foil

Conductive Carbon Coated Copper Foil

Meshed Cu foil

Cu foam

Shiny on both sides

Single side

Lighter weight

Porous, light weight

Dimension customizable

Double side coated

Dimension customizable

Dimension customizable


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