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Chromium Sputtering Target Description

Chromium is one of the most popular metals in the world. Chromium is a silvery, lustrous, hard, and brittle metal known for its high mirror polish and corrosion resistance. It has a melting point of 1,857°C, a density of 7.2 g/cc, and a vapor pressure of 10-4Torr at 1,157°C.

Its name comes from the Greek word "chroma", which means color, due to its very colorful compounds. It is widely used in the automobile industry to form a shiny coating found on wheels and bumpers. Chromium is used in many vacuum applications such as automotive glass coatings, photovoltaic cell fabrication, battery fabrication, and decorative and corrosion resistant coatings.

Specifications for Chromium Sputtering Target

Name: Chromium
Symbol: Cr
Atomic Number: 24
Atomic Mass: 51.9961 amu
Melting Point: 1857.0 °C (2130.15 K, 3374.6 °F)
Boiling Point: 2672.0 °C (2945.15 K, 4841.6 °F)

Number of Protons/Electrons: 24
Number of Neutrons: 28
Classification: Transition Metal 
Crystal Structure: Cubic
Density @ 293 K: 7.19 g/cm3
Color: gray

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