Metkon Automatic Vickers/Knoop Macro Hardness Tester DUROLINE M1/M2/M4

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MSE Supplies offers Automatic Vickers/Knoop Macro Hardness Testers DUROLINE M1/M2/M4 from Metkon Instrument Inc. DUROLINE M Series are ideal instruments for quality assurance, quality control, research and metallurgical departments to monitor the hardness during fabrication and after heat treatment or welding as well as for the performance analysis on metal parts and new alloys. Typical applications are determining the Vickers microhardness of small precision parts, thin material or wire, coatings and performing case depth determinations (CHD, EHT, NHT) on cross sections, both manually or automatic on this advanced hardness tester system.

Country of Origin: Made in Turkey

Manufacturer: Metkon Instruments Inc.

Main Features:

  • Complete micro-load range for HV/HK scales from 10 gf to 1 kgf
  • Auto Measurement with Zoom Window for more accurate measurement
  • Flexible Windows 10 based hardness test & measurement program METKON N-Sure
  • Database generating test results and reports
  • 22” Full HD Capacitive 10-point Multi-Touch desktop monitor
  • Integrated high-res camera 5.0 MP with USB 3.0 interface with zoom capability
  • Integrated LED light source with controller
  • Integrated Windows operated mini-pc, Intel, SSD specs
  • Interface network USB (x4), Displayport (x2), LAN (x1) and Wireless LAN
  • Very robust opto-mechanical system
  • New generation electronics and motors in full system integration ensuring reliable performance
  • Service friendly
  • Remote accessibility
  • Meets latest ISO, ASTM and JIS standards

Standard delivery includes: 

  • Hardness Tester
  • Desktop Monitor on solid stand
  • METKON N-Sure software incl. Auto-Measurement module
  • ISO/DaKKs Certified Vickers diamond indenter
  • Objective 10x, Objective 40x
  • 4 adjustable tester feet
  • Water level indicator
  • Indenter protection nose
  • Dust Cover
  • Power Cable
  • Monitor Interface Cable
  • Factory Test Certificate with ISO/ASTM verifications
  • Solid accessories box
  • Auto-Focus module with motorized Z-axis (for M2)
  • Large motorized XY-stage (for M4)
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    Technical Specifications


    • Operational Accessories for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing
    • Object Lenses for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing
    • Indenters for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing 
    • Specimen Holders for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing
    • Verification Tools for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing
    • Software Modules for Vickers/Knoop Hardness Testing

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          About Metkon: Since 1993, METKON as a young and dynamic company, had delivered more than 20,000 instruments globally. Metkon provides innovative Sample Preparation and Testing Instruments and Consumables for Materials and Microstructure Analysis. It offers expertise and know-how to our customers worldwide to enable them reach the "True and Excellent Sample". 

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