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Heidolph Hei-VAP Core ML/ G1B Coated Rotary Evaporator

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Heidolph Hei-VAP Core ML/ G1B Coated Rotary Evaporator

An operating concept that is focused on the essentials: clear and with access to the basic parameters rotation speed and heating bath temperature at any time.

  • Clear digital display showing actual and set values
  • Two separate knobs with dynamic control for setting the rotation speed and heating bath temperature: fast turning for large jumps, slow turning for precise setting of the set values
  • Accidental changing of the values can be prevented by the lock function
  • Intuitive LED ring light system makes activated functions clearly visible even from a distance
  • Easy adjustment of the immersion depth up to 155 mm and the inclination angle from 20° to 80°
  • Standby function and residual heat warning at heating bath temperatures above 50 °C
  • Motor lift model with transparent plastic coated G1 diagonal glassware
  • The standby button stops all functions and, when using a motor lift model, lifts the evaporating flask from the heating bath.

    Product Parameters

    Rotation speed indicator  3.5" LCD Display
    Permissible ambient conditions 5 – 31 °C at 80 % rel. humidity 32 – 40 °C decreasing lineary up to max 50% rel. humidity
    Protection class (EN 60529) IP 20
    Lift Motor lift
    Height adjustment speed 25 mm/s
    Height adjustment 155 mm
    Drive brushless DC motor with electronic speed control
    Heating capacity 1,300 W
    Temp. range heating bath 20 – 210 °C
    Temperature accuracy bath ±1K
    Overheat protection bath cut-off at 5 °C over set temperature via separate PT 1000
    Bath temperature setting 3.5" LCD Display
    Heating bath temperature control electronic / digital
    Secondary overtemp. cut off 250 °C
    Material heating bath stainless steel V4A
    Diameter heating bath 255 mm
    Volume heating bath Up to 6 liter (2.2 to 4.5 liter recommended filling volume, depending on the flask size and immersion angle used)
    Display vapor temperature -
    Required accessories for display vapor temperature -
    Integrated vacuum controller -
    Timer -
    Programmable ramps -
    Supply Power 1,400 W
    Weight without glassware assembly 15 kg
    Dimensions with glassware set G3 (w/d/h) 739 x 432 x 845 m
    Dimensions with glassware set G3 XL (w/d/h) 739 x 432 x 920 mm
    Condensing surface 1,400 cm²
    Condensing surface XL condenser 2,200 cm²
    Max. size evaporating flask 5 l
    Rotation speed range 10 - 280 rpm
    Integrated Hei-CHILL controller -
    Vacuum program Dynamic AUTOaccurate requires AUTOaccurate sensor -
    Solvent libary -