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XQ MCF-13A Auto Vial Capping Machine for Microtubes/Centrifuge Tubes

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XQ Instruments MCF-13A Auto Vial Capping Machine for Microtubes/Centrifuge Tubes

The patented XQ Instruments MCF-13A Microcapper automates the attaching of screw caps on microtubes or vials. It increases lab productivity, occupational health & safety and process integrity.

Has a loader refill capacity of ~250 caps (dependent on cap size), a capping rate of 10-20 caps/minute, and comes equipped with an automated tube lifter that lifts the tube that is placed into the holder by the user to be capped. 

  • Consistency
    Manual capping introduces variation in the torque applied to tighten the caps. Consistent torque provided by our Microcappers prevents leakage of tubes, especially during transportation.
  • Health & Safety
    Our Microcappers alleviate operator fatigue and reduce possibility of occupational health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Increased lab productivity
    Our Microcappers increase production output by increasing capping count, as compared to manual capping.

Consistent torque is applied to the capping of these vials to prevent leakage during transportation. The MCF-13A reduces operator’s hand fatigue and relieves the tedious task of hand capping. It is known that hazards such as carpal tunnel syndrome can result from the repetitive strain of manually tightening screw caps, making mechanical vial capping important.

Designed for hands-free capping on 13mm microtubes typically used in laboratories for the preparation and processing of samples and reagents, the MCF-13A can be customized for various cap, vial and microtube sizes. The bench top device is compact, lightweight making it portable with a footprint of less than half an A4 paper.

The product is user friendly and can be operated with minimal training. Caps for the microtubes or vials are poured into a feeder. Capping is done by inserting a microtube into the tube-holder and pushing a button.

The Microtube Capper MCF-13A is a compact table-top device, powered from the AC power socket and serves as an integral part of any capping process with screw caps.



Operations • The caps are inserted into the bowl feeder.
• When the device is switched on, the feeder will move the caps to the capping head.
• When the cap conduct is filled up in the device, it is ready for capping and it can be done in a continuous fashion.
Specifications • Microtube cap size of 13×6 mm (others on request).
• Size: 365 mm (L) x 220 mm (W) x 500 mm (H).
• Power supply: User selectable 115V or 230V.
• Power rating: 450W max.
• Weight: 8.8 kgs
Performance • Capping operation is automatic when the power switch is ON.
• Continuous capping can be done with the time interval between capping operation.
• The noise level is less than 70 db at 1 meter.


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