X-Large Slot-Die Heads (101-150 mm width), made by FOM Technologies

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  • Default width: 150 mm
  • Unique design providing flexible coating width of: 101-150 mm
  • Modular designed for easy switch of flexible sized coating shims
  • Single and multiple stripe patterns
  • Surface treated special grade stainless steel
  • Top class corrosion resistance and durability
  • Ultra low ink usage
  • Dead volume < 50 μL for the 13 mm shim
  • Extreme print accuracy, with a compound tolerance of < 10 microns
  • CE compliant / UL 
  • Viscosity range: 1-10.000 CPS
  • Packaging and storage: Professional flight case

    FOM Technologies Slot-Die heads are state-of-the-art coating equipment. Each coating head has been designed to fulfill the need for professional Slot-Die coating components. Made from some of the hardest steel in the world, the material is thoroughly processed to provide stable and ultra-precise accuracy. These slot-die heads  have a very low dead-volume and allow coating width within defined ranges. The steel surfaces are specially treated to resist most chemicals and constructed for an easy cleaning to prolong the durability and lifetime of the product.

    FOM Slot Die heads can be used for the following applications:

    • PEM Fuel cells
    • Battery Slurries
    • OPV
    • OLED
    • Perovskites
    • Transparent Conductive Foils
    • Printed Electronics (Lab-on-a-chip)

    Slot-Die Coating Introduction and FAQ


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