Spin Coater System, up to 8000 rpm, including vacuum pump and 3 vacuum chucks, SPC-8000V

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SPC-8000V is a spin coater with vacuum chucks (1'', 2'' and 4'') and vacuum pump designed for easy and quick coating for wafers up to 4" size. The spinning speed is programmable up to 8000 rpm. 


  • Aluminum casting case to keep spinning stable
  • Liquid disk made of Polypropylene (PP) to resist most of the corrosive solutions
  • Drainage outlet and vacuum pump connector are on back panel
  • One filter is included in standard package. It is used to connect the pump and coater for preventing waste water from flowing into the pump
  • One oil-less vacuum pump is included in the standard package.

Chamber  & Vacuum Chuck 

  • Chamber Diameter: 145 mm
  • 3 different sizes of Polypropylene anti-corrosive vacuum chucks are included different sizes (1'', 2'' and 4'')
Vacuum Pump Vacuum pump is included. 
For 110V version, a 
120L/min Oilless Vacuum Pump is included.
For 220V version, a Single Step Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with advanced exhaust filter is included.

Spin Speed
  • Digital control panel with two programmable segments of different spin times (1~60s) and speeds
  • 500 - 8000 rpm adjustable spin speed  

Liquid Injecting
  • 20mL syringe is used to contain the coating material. 
  • The syringe holder height can be adjusted and rotated freely along the support rod.
Input Power 110VAC or 220VAC
Motor Power 150W
Product Dimensions
13''(L) x 10''(W) x 8.5''(H)


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