Spectro-EFC Cell Attachment For SPE Holder, UV-VIS-NIR

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This is a multi-purpose Spectro-EFC Cell Attachment designed to be coupled with a light source and spectrometer (UV-vis-NIR) via bifurcated optical fiber. It enables obtaining electrochemical and spectroscopic information from the Screen-Printed Electrodes (SPE), where variations in the applied potential to working electrode induce changes in the observed reflection spectrum. Applied curved optical collimating lens is to be connected with a bifurcated fiber (not included in the set) which has two fibers side-by-side in the common end and breaks out into two legs at the other end (i.e. light source and spectrometer). The lens is 5 mm in diameter, has a focal length of 10 mm, and a wavelength range of 185-2500 nm. The distance between the lens and the surface of SPE is adjustable in a range of 15 to 20 mm, resulting in a spot size range of approximately 3 to 1.5 mm, respectively. The light spot is placed in the middle of the SPE sensor width. The assembled set consisting of Screen-Printed Electrode Holder and Spectro-EFC Cell Attachment. The attachment elements are constructed with materials that are chemically resistive to a wide range of electrolytes (PEEK, PFA/ETFE). Other materials such as PTFE, Titanium, Stainless Steel, etc., are available on request. The Spectro-EFC Cell Attachment well fits aqueous (EPDM O-Rings) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Rings) electrolyte requirements.

Application Note:
Spectroelectrochemical set is used to study the relation between absorbance/reflectance and electrochemical potential. It enables real-time monitoring of the optical change at the surface of the working electrode. It also enables in-situ spectral acquisition for detection, identification, and characterization of short-lived electrochemically-generated species/intermediates, resulting in a detailed investigation of the mechanistic pathways of redox processes.
The Spectro-EFC Cell Attachment consists of two main parts: the chamber and the base which is installed on the guide rails of the Screen-Printed Electrode Holder. In the flow mode, the tubing is typically connected to the peristaltic pump, while in the static (stagnant) mode the cell attachment can be filled up using a syringe (neither the pump nor the syringe are included in the set).

Tubing size: 1/16" OD x .040" ID (1.6mm OD x 1.0mm ID)
Quartz window diameter: 10 mm
Quartz window thickness: 1 mm
Fiber connector: SMA 905, 6.35 mm ferrule

Intrastat Data:
NET weight: 50 g (attachment only), 100 g (attachment with SPE holder)

Product Includes:
1 x flow chamber with fittings
1 x collimating lens with SMA 905 optical fiber connector – 0048PHYCM
1 x quartz window
1 x base
1 x set of O-Rings
1 x set of screws
1 x Screen-Printed Electrode Holder (as a variant)