Premium 5 x 5 mm AlN Single Crystal, Made in USA

  • 93900

This high quality AlN substrates are made in USA.

The premium quality enables epitaxial growth which can reduce the defects density by 10, 000 to 1,000,000 times as compared to the next best technologies.

It has been translated into devices with the best performances, reliability and production yields. The extraordinary quality have enable our customers to obtain unprecedented performances for both UV led and UV lasers.

Diameter: 5x5mm 

Shape: square

Thickness: 550 ± 50μm

Orientation: {0001} ± 1.0°

Surface Finish: Al face CMP, < 0.4 nm, N face Mechanical

High Resolution XRD Rocking Curve, (0002) Refection: < 100 Arcsec FWHM

Usable Area: > 90%

Edge exclusion: 1.0 mm

Primary Flat Orientation: {10-10}

Packaging: single wafer cups




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