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NEST Automation Pipette Tips for Beckman Systems

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NEST Automation Pipette Tips for Beckman Systems

NEST Brand B Robotic Tips can be used in genomics, proteomics, cytomics, immunoassay, metabonomics, biopharmaceutical research and development and other commonly used high-throughput pipetting.

Beckman robotic tips are used in Beckman FX / NX, Biomek i5 / i7 and Biomek 3000.


Suction material

Polypropylene (PP)

Material of suction head rack

Polypropylene (PP)

Filter element


Product Features

  • Medical grade high-tenacity polypropylene (PP) material is Imported and selected strictly accordance with the industry requirements to ensure the stability of materials between batches.

  • The production is produced automatically in one hundred thousand level purification workshops, to ensure no DNA, RNA, protease and heat source. Product points collection, packaging, each box of products with the same point number, to ensure the traceability of products, improve the accuracy of experimental results, greatly reduce the deviation between individual products.

  • The process technology is unique, to ensure that the Tips has a smooth inner surface, greatly reducing the amount of liquid residue.

  • The structure drawing test is according to the original adaptor, with a mature injection molding process, to ensure that the product has good air tightness and adaptability, improve the product in the work of mechanical accuracy.

  • The control is strictly, to according to customer’s needs for effective quality inspection, with no DNA, RNA, protease and heat source testing, sterility testing, etc.

  • Air tightness detection: the precision detector is used to check the air tightness between the Tips and the adapter, to ensure that each batch of products have good air tightness.

  • The test equipment is used online to control the size and concentricity of products in production line, saving time and improving product quality.

  • The robotic tips are filtered through porous tissue to ensure optimal performance and is extremely hydrophobic, forming a robust barrier against aerosols and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination of the sample. 

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250 μL Robotic Tips for Brand B, Sterile
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190 μL Robotic Filter Tips for Brand B, Sterile
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