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Nanocrine Gold-Coated Glass Surfaces

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Nanocrine Gold-Coated Glass Surfaces


Nanocrine gold coated coverglass and microscope slides are the optimal surface choice for surface plasmon resonance, surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy, and fluorescence microscopy applications.

Our coverglass products are #1.5 thickness and standard sizes include 12 mm dia. circle, 18 mm dia. circle, 30 mm dia. circle, and 18 mm x 18 mm square with 14 mm dia. circle gold pattern. Our slide product is a 1 mm thick microscope slide, measuring 25 mm x 75 mm. Our standard gold film thickness is 20 nm. Custom thicknesses and sizes available upon request.


  • Custom surface chemistries for cell biology
  • Surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy
  • Surface plasmon resonance
  • Fluorescence microscopy


Shipping Conditions: Ambient with desiccant and oxygen absorber

Storage: Desiccator/dry box, protected from light

Sterility: Shipped sterile, can be sterilized with 70% ethanol

 SKU # Format
NAAU0301 12 mm Coverglass
NAAU0302 18 mm Coverglass
NAAU0303 30 mm Coverglass
NAAU0304 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NAAU0305 16-well Coverglass
NAAU0306 Microscope Slide

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