Multi-Walled Carbon Nano-Tubes (MWCNT),High purity, ≥ 99.7%, Product #: MWCNT-1G

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Product No.: MWCNT-1G

Purity:  99.7%

Diameter: 2 - 30 nm

Length:  0.1-50 um

Tensile Strength: 50 - 200 GPa

Number of layers: 2-50 

Interlayer Spacing: 0.34 nm

Features: High electrical and thermal conductivity, high toughness

Applications in Li-Ion Batteries: 

Carbon nanotubes can be used as anode material in lithium ion batteries. It has slightly larger layer spacing of 0.34 nm than graphite which is more advantageous for lithium ionic conductivity. Due to its mechanical properties of high tensile strength, it can avoid the stripping damages from Li+ salvation observed in graphite anode materials. It can be doped in graphite to enhance the conductivity of graphite anode and eliminate polarization. Higher embedded capacity and stability has been reported when carbon nanotubes have been used as additives or as single anode material. The theoretical graphite discharge capacity limit is 372mAh/g, and that of multi-walled nanotube lithium ion battery is 385 mAh/g.

Besides application in LIB, it can also be used for flat panel display (FPD), super capacitor, transducers and information storage technologies. 


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