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MSE PRO Low Temperature Refrigerated Incubator for BOD Test

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MSE PRO™ Low Temperature Refrigerated Incubator for BOD Test

A low-temperature refrigerated incubator is an ideal product for water analysis and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) determination, widely used for storing culture media, serum, drugs, and cultivating microorganisms, as well as environmental testing.

  • Utilizing a microcomputer temperature LCD controller, it rapidly reaches the set value and operates with greater accuracy and stability.
  • High-quality compressor and circulation fan, environmentally friendly refrigerant, high efficiency, low energy consumption, promoting energy savings.
  • A 25mm diameter test hole is located on the left side of the cabinet, facilitating experimental operations and temperature measurements.
  • Equipped with a printer or RS485 interface for connecting to a printer and computer, capable of recording temperature parameter changes. (optional)
  • Multi-segment programming function with a menu-driven interface that simplifies complex experimental processes, achieving true automatic control and operation. (optional)
    MSE Supplies offers different capacities and temperatures of refrigerated incubators as well as other climate chambers with various functions. For more information, please contact us.
      SKU# MA1034
      Power supply voltage 110V/60Hz
      Input power 1300W
      Temperature range -10 to 65 ℃
      Working temperature +5 to 35 ℃
      Temperature accuracy

      ±0.5℃ for high temperature

      ±1.0℃ for low temperature

      Capacity 150L
      Number of shelves (std.)
      Chamber material Polished Stainless Steel
      Chamber dimension (W×D×H) 550×405×670mm
      Outside dimension (W×D×H) 690×800×1410mm