MSE PRO Laboratory Hammer Mill

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MSE Supplies offers a laboratory hammer mill, which is suitable for brittle, mid-hard samples preparation. It can process large batches of coal. It is widely used in power plants and sample preparation labs for coal quality analysis due to its easy handling, efficiency, and accurate milling, resulting in fewer residuals in the mill chamber.

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    Working Principle

    Samples are fed into the center of mill chamber through patent feeding hopper, then it impacted with cross tapping rotor moving at high speed and frequency to reduce particle size. Once the particle size is less than sieve diameter, it will fall into collecting pan. Massive air will be absorbed by the rotor through feeding tunnel which accelerate reduced particle leave mill chamber.

    Features and advantages

    • Electric braking.
    • Adjustable rotate speed.
    • Bench-top, easy handling, saving space. auto-feeding system, reduce operational error and contamination.
    • Rotor and bottom sieve can be removed easily, convenient to clean mill chamber.
    • Discharged particle size can be controlled by aperture size of bottom sieve from 0.2mm to 10mm. 
    • High frequency and high rotate speed motor (10000rpm) fulfilled efficiency milling and less residual in mill chamber. 

      Applications of Hammer Mill:

      • Coal, coke, soil, glass, minerals,refractory clay, oxide, porcelain, granite, etc,.

      Technical Data

      SKU MA1115
      Feed size <5mm
      Final fineness 0.2mm
      Speed 10000rpm
      Rated power 1.2kW
      Power supply 110V/220V