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MSE PRO Lab Growth Chambers with LED Light and Humidity Controller

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MSE PRO Lab Growth Chambers with LED Light and Humidity Controller

The MSE PRO Lab Growth Chamber with LED light is suitable for a variety of applications, including plant growth and tissue culture, seed germination, seedling cultivation, microbial culture tests, insect breeding, water quality testing (BOD determination), and aging and service life testing of medicinal materials, wood, and building materials. Additionally, the chamber also offers an energy-efficient light source for other purposes. It's an ideal tool for researching that requires precise temperature and humidity control.


  • Two sets of compressors alternate operation to ensure the continuous operation and longevity of plant growth cycles
  • Accurately replicate environmental conditions associated with natural daylight, as well as create complex, multi-directional lighting scenarios.
  • The user-defined parameters can be automatically stored in the event of a power outage and will resume the original set program upon power restoration
  • Autonomous temperature limit alarm system, operation automatically halts when temperatures surpass the boundary
  • RS485 connector can connect computer or printer to record the parameters and the variations of temperature (optional)
  • CO2 concentration detection and control is available upon request
    MSE Supplies offers various capacities(150L-1500L) and different light source and intensity of growth chambers as well as other climate chambers with various functions. For more information, please contact us.
      SKU# MA2017
      Power supply voltage 110V/60Hz
      Input power 1750W
      Temperature range

      10 to 50 ℃ with light

      0 to 50 ℃ without light

      Humidity range
      50% to 90% RH
      Temperature accuracy


      Humidity accuracy ±5-7% RH
      Light intensity 0 to 18000LX
      Light Source LED on the door
      Working temperature +5 to 35 
      Capacity 250L
      Number of shelves (std.)
      Chamber dimension (W×D×H) 600×610×830mm
      Outside dimension (W×D×H) 760×815×1550mm