MCMB graphite anode for Lithium Battery from MSE Supplies

MCMB (mesocarbon microbeads) synthetic graphite powder (15-20um) for Li-ion battery anode, LIB-MCMB-18UM-500G

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MCMB (mesocarbon microbeads) synthetic graphite is prepared from petroleum pitch or coal tar. MCMB is one of the promising carbon anode materials for Li-ion batteries. MCMB has high specific capacity and a spherical structure, which is benefitial for high packing density of the anode. The low surface area of MCMB can minimize the unfavorable side reactions during the charge-discharge process.

Product No.: LIB-MCMB-18UM-500G

Particle size:

D10 > 18 um,
D50 = 15 - 20 um,
D90 < 32 um

Purity (Carbon content): > 99.8%

Tap density: > 1.3  g/cm3

Shape: Spherical powder

SSA:  <1.5 m2/g

Discharge Capacity: ≥ 320 mAh/g

First discharge efficiency: ≥ 91%

Fe impurity: < 50 ppm


a. Long cycle life > 2000 cycles
b. High energy density 
c. High capacity


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