Magnesium Oxide Powder, 99.99% (Metal Basis) High Purity

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Because this MgO powder is ultra-high purity (99.99%), it can be used for applications like electronic materials, phosphor raw materials, catalyst materials, and various additives, etc. as necessary in various industries.

1. High purity. This high-purity product contains the magnesium oxide at not less than 99.99 percent purity, with hardly any impurities.

2. High dispersibility. The primary particle is monodispersed character particle of submicron size, with excellent dispersibility.

  • To facilitate handling, the primary submicron MgO particles are granulated to form secondary particles of about ten microns.
  • However, this product can be easily dispersed to primary submicron particles when being stirring in the solvent.
  • Therefore, this product can be used as a magnesium oxide particulate of high purity and high dispersion.

    CAS Number: 1309-48-4

    Product Number: HPC-120801

    Product Purity: 99.99% (metal basis)

    Formula: MgO

    Formula Weight: 40.30

    Form: Powder

    Particle Size: ~500 nm

    Specific Surface Area: 8.5 cm2/g

    Melting point: 2852°

    Boiling Point: 3600°

    Density: 3.58

    Refractive Index: 1.736


    Chemical Composition  
    MgO (%)  99.99
    Si (ppm) 7
    Al (ppm) 3
    Ca (ppm) 3
    Fe (ppm) 1
    Cr (ppm) <1
    Mn (ppm) <1
    Ni (ppm) <1
    V (ppm) <1
    B (ppm) 2
    Zr (ppm) <1
    Na (ppm) 2
    Cl (ppm) 19
    K (ppm) 1
    Zn (ppm) <1

     Analysis method: ICP-OES, Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) Optical emission spectroscopy (OES)



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