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Scanning Electron Microscopy Analytical Services | SEM-EDS-EBSD - MSE Supplies

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Starting at $35 per sample, MSE Supplies offers professional SEM-EDS-EBSD analysis services using Hitachi S4800 field emission SEM equipped with EDS and EBSD, or similar instrument.  Minimum order: 6 samples. 

The Hitachi S-4800 is a truly versatile platform comprising impressive high resolution performance, advanced detection technology, and a user interface that makes it possible to capture even the most short lived moments accurately and clearly. It employs a semi-in-lens design for large sample accommodation while achieving ultra-high resolution comparable to performance only available with in-lens UHR SEMs.


  • A new objective lens design with "Super ExB Filter" technology. Using a single detector, the Super ExB Filter collects and separates the various components of pure SE, compositional SE and BSE electron signals.
  • A guaranteed resolution of 1.4 / 2.0 nm at 1kV (deceleration / standard mode) for low voltage applications.
  • Type II specimen stage for large sample applications with 110mm x 110mm stage movement and computer controlled 5 axes motorization with graphical interface software.
  • Advanced dry vacuum system design including Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP).
  • A new GUI design developed in consultation with users making the S-4800 the most advanced, user friendly UHR SEM available today.


Secondary electron image resolution

  • 1.0nm (at 15kV)
  • 1.4nm (at 1kV, deceleration mode)
  • 2.0nm (at 1kV, standard mode)

Electron optics


Electron gun

  • Cold field emission electron source

Acc. voltage

  • 0.5 - 30kV (variable at 0.1kV/step)


  • X 20 - X 800.000

Objective aperture

  • 4 opening, selectable and alignable outside the vacuum (Heater built-in)


  • Secondary electron detector (upper/lower/upper + lower), (noise compensation using a beam monitor), (signal control function)
  • Transmitted electron detector
  • Energy dispersive X-ray detector

Specimen stage

Type II

  • X: 0 ~ 110 mm, Y: 0 ~ 110mm, Z: 1.5 ~ 40mm
  • Tilt: -5  +70 degrees
  • Rotation: 360 degrees


  • PC controlled 5 axes motor drive

Image display



  • PC/AT compatible, OS: Windows XP
  • 19" Flat panel display

Scan mode

  • Normal, Split/dual mag./line scan, position set, spot, AAF, SAA, oblique

Frame memory

  • 640 x 480 pixels, 1,280 x 960 pixels, 2,560 x 1,920 pixels, 5,120 x 3,840 pixels

Image processing


  • Image processing software, image filing software built-in

Image file format

  • BMP, TIFF, JPEG selectable

Scan speed

  • TV, slow (0.5 ~ 40 s/frame) for viewing
  • Slow (40 ~ 320 s/frame) for recording

Image processing

  • Automatic image brightness & contrast, raster rotation, auto focus, auto stigmation, averaging, frame integration, color display

Auto data recording

  • Film numbering, acc. voltage, micron bar with a scale, magnification, date, hours and working distance

Electrical image shift

  • +/-12 um (at W.D. = 8mm)

Vacuum system

  • Fully automated pneumatic valve control
  • Energy saving ECO mode
  • lon pumps 3 sets
  • TMP 1 set
  • RP 1 set

MSE Supplies offers professional materials characterization analytical services. With accessibility to a large number of analytical instruments (a total value of over one billion ($1B) U.S. dollars), our scientists help solve customer's problems by analyzing customer provided samples using techniques such as XRD, XPS, XRF, BET, Mercury Porosimetry, AFM, SEM, TEM, FTIR, NMR, TGA, DTA, DSC, DMA, Raman, just to name a few. 

Our materials scientists work with customers on contract materials characterization projects.  Contact us today to solve your problems.  While using the best-in-class analytical instruments, we guarantee the lowest price per sample for all the analytical services that we provide, and this promise is backed by our Price Matching policy. 

Call MSE Supplies today at 520-789-6673 or email to

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