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FESEM-EDS Characterization | Field Emission SEM-EDS Analytical Service

  • $ 8500

Starting from $85 per sample (SEM only), MSE Analytical Services offer professional SEM-EDS characterization service using Hitachi S4800 field emission SEM equipped with EDS, or similar instrument.

Non-magnetic sample SEM only: $85 per sample

Magnetic sample SEM only: $145 per sample

SEM + EDS spot: +$35 per sample

SEM + EDS mapping: +$55 per sample

Gold (Au) coating on sample: +$30 per sample

* Note: Data analysis service is not included in the list prices.

Highlights: High Quality Data, Competitive Pricing, Technical Support by Scientists.

Please contact our scientists to discuss your sample characterization requirements. Email:

The Hitachi S-4800 is a versatile platform comprising high resolution performance, advanced detection technology, and a user interface. It employs a semi-in-lens design for large sample accommodation while achieving ultra-high resolution comparable to performance only available with in-lens UHR SEMs.


  • A new objective lens design with "Super ExB Filter" technology. Using a single detector, the Super ExB Filter collects and separates the various components of pure SE, compositional SE and BSE electron signals.
  • A guaranteed resolution of 1.4 / 2.0 nm at 1kV (deceleration / standard mode) for low voltage applications.
  • Type II specimen stage for large sample applications with 110mm x 110mm stage movement and computer controlled 5 axes motorization with graphical interface software.
  • Advanced dry vacuum system design including Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP).
  • A new GUI design developed in consultation with users making the S-4800 the most advanced, user friendly UHR SEM available today.


Secondary electron image resolution

  • 1.0nm (at 15kV)
  • 1.4nm (at 1kV, deceleration mode)
  • 2.0nm (at 1kV, standard mode)

Electron optics

Electron gun

  • Cold field emission electron source

Acc. voltage

  • 0.5 - 30kV (variable at 0.1kV/step)


  • X 20 - X 800.000

Objective aperture

  • 4 opening, selectable and alignable outside the vacuum (Heater built-in)


  • Secondary electron detector (upper/lower/upper + lower), (noise compensation using a beam monitor), (signal control function)
  • Transmitted electron detector
  • Energy dispersive X-ray detector

Specimen stage

Type II

  • X: 0 ~ 110 mm, Y: 0 ~ 110mm, Z: 1.5 ~ 40mm
  • Tilt: -5 +70 degrees
  • Rotation: 360 degrees


  • PC controlled 5 axes motor drive

Image display


  • PC/AT compatible, OS: Windows XP
  • 19" Flat panel display

Scan mode

  • Normal, Split/dual mag./line scan, position set, spot, AAF, SAA, oblique

Frame memory

  • 640 x 480 pixels, 1,280 x 960 pixels, 2,560 x 1,920 pixels, 5,120 x 3,840 pixels

Image processing

  • Image processing software, image filing software built-in

Image file format

  • BMP, TIFF, JPEG selectable

Scan speed

  • TV, slow (0.5 ~ 40 s/frame) for viewing
  • Slow (40 ~ 320 s/frame) for recording

Image processing

  • Automatic image brightness & contrast, raster rotation, auto focus, auto stigmation, averaging, frame integration, color display

Auto data recording

  • Film numbering, acc. voltage, micron bar with a scale, magnification, date, hours and working distance

Electrical image shift

  • +/-12 um (at W.D. = 8mm)

Vacuum system

  • Fully automated pneumatic valve control
  • Energy saving ECO mode
  • lon pumps 3 sets
  • TMP 1 set
  • RP 1 set