The Cleaving Station-without mat,  MSE Supplies

The Cleaving Station-without mat

  • $ 68425

   SKU#: TCS-200-LG

The Cleaving Station includes a variety of handheld tools to scribe and cleave samples from whole wafers down to small pieces. Included with each TCS-200-LG:

  • Lattice Scriber: a high-precision hand scriber with an eight-point diamond tip
  • CleanBreak™ Pliers: Cleaving pliers for samples down to 30 mm
  • Small Sample Cleaving Pliers: Cleaving pliers for samples smaller than 30 mm
  • Pen Style Diamond Scribe: a retractable scriber in a sleek casing
  • Straight Tip Diamond Scribe: a fine tipped scriber with a 4” hexagonal handle
  • Angle Tip Diamond Scribe: a scriber with a 30° angled tip and a 6” hexagonal handle
  • Small Cutting Mat: A 3.5x5.5 inch, double sided, self-healing mat with ruling lines
  • Tweezers: 6” length with nonmarring fine tips
  • Rulers: Both with metric and imperial/US units – one flexible clear and one slim metal
  • Cleaving Wire: Tungsten, for quick cleaves post scribe