Carbon (Amorphous, Vitreous) Sputtering Target C

  • $ 8900

Both standard and custom-made high purity (>99.999%, 5N trace metal basis) amorphous carbon (vitreous) sputtering targets are available.

To add a Cu Backing Plate with Indium Bonding for Sputtering Targets  

Carbon (Amorphous, Vitreous) (C) Properties

Material Type Carbon
Symbol C
Atomic Weight 12.0107 g
Purity >99.999%, 5N (trace metal basis)
Color/Appearance Glassy Black, Non-Metallic
Melting Point (°C) ~3,652
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 2.0 – 2.2 x 10-6/oC
Thermal Conductivity 5.8 W/mK
Electrical Resistivity 42 x 10-4 ohm cm
Hardness Mohs ~7


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