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Benchtop Automatic Film Coater with Film Applicator and Built-in Vacuum Pump, Heating up to 130°C

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MSE Supplies offers a heated benchtop automatic film coater with vacuum aluminum chuck, designed to produce films with consistent thickness by using micrometer adjustable applicators or fixed thickness applicators. It has a unique driving system to ensure smooth coating on all types of substrates. The flat vacuum chuck and vacuum pump are built-in to hold substrate sheet firmly, which is particularly useful when coating on thin and soft substrate. One micrometer adjustable film applicator is included for immediate use. The heating capability (130°C) enables the fast drying of slurry and coating of temperature sensitive material. This film coater is widely used for ceramic tape castings and Li-Ion battery electrode coating. 

MSE Supplies is a US-based leading supplier of battery research materials and equipment with thousands of customers worldwide. 

    Product SKU # BR0235
    Power 110V
    Traverse Speed

    0 - 120 mm/sec variable

    Accuracy: 10mm/sec

    Max. Coating Dimensions 250mm(W) * 300mm(L)
    Aluminum Vacuum Chuck Dimensions 415mm(L) *300mm(W) *32mm(H)
    Vacuum Pump Built-in (included)
    Film Applicator

    One 250 mm width Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator is included, with adjustable thickness from 0~6 mm with accuracy of ±3 um

    Coater Dimensions 550mm (L) * 450mm (W) * 320mm (H)
    Heating capability RT ~ 130℃, digital display temperature controller, precision±1℃
    Net Weight 70kg


    One year limited warranty with lifetime product support (Rusted and damaged parts due to improper storage condition or maintenance are excluded from product warranty)