1700C Bench top Muffle Furnace (Box Furnace) with PID control, Chamber size 6 2/5" x 6" x 6", SXL-1700-01

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Products Introduce:

SXL-1700 Box type electric lab furnace is adopted imported high quality silicon molybdenum rod as heated element; it adopts the dual shell structure and intelligent auto-control temperature system, SCR control, phase shifting trigger. The chamber is adopted the 1700 type imported polycrystalline alumina fiber. Equipped with cooling System between the dual shell, which can rise and cool swiftly;Using constant current soft-start control, to extend the life of heating elements.

Main function & Features:

1. Furnace chamber adopted imported alumina polycrystalline fiber, with good insulation  and durability properties; And adopted the imported     silicon molybdenum rod as heating elements, greatly improving the service life.

2. with unique furnace design , durable to use, does not collapse.

3. Side open type furnace door, open the door power outages.

4. Reserved 485 converter interface, can remote control of single or multiple furnace through software and Internet, real-time tracking , history recorder, output statements ; can install the paperless recording device for data storage and output. 

Main uses:

Universities, research institutes , industrial and mining enterprises to do the powder synthesis , ceramic sintering, high temperature experiments , material handling , quality inspection purposes .

Model: SXL-1700-01

Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ

Furnace chamber:   (D x W x H) 160*150*150mm

Overall size: 620*620*900mm

Rated power: 4kw

Weight: 150kg

Furnace chamber: High quality 1700 type alumina polycrystalline fibers furnace chamber, scientific design and with durable, good insulation properties.

Heating elements: High quality silicon molybdenum rod

Temperature control components: B-type double platinum rhodium thermocouple

Temperature control mode: The temperature control system uses artificial intelligence technology, with PID control, self - tuning function , 50 the heating and cooling program

Working temperature:1600C

Maximum temperature: 1650C

Recommended heating rate: 10C/min

Constant temperature accuracy: ±1C

Standard accessories: Door brick, crucible tongs, oven gloves each one piece

Optional accessories: Furnace hobs , a variety of corundum crucible , computer control software and paperless recorder, etc.

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