20 ml Pyrolytic Graphite Crucibles, CRU-PYROC-20

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Our pyrolytic graphite crucibles are made from a pyrolysis process that includes the thermochemical decomposition of ultra high purity methane gas (>99.99%).  The pyrolysis process for making pyrolytic graphite is a high temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process.
Unique Properties of Pyrolytic Graphite:
  • Extremely Low Impurity Level (<10 ppm impurity)
  • Very High Density
  • Very High Strength
  • Very High Hardness
  • Near Zero Porosity
The whole thickness of the crucible is made of dense pyrolytic graphite material. Therefore, the pyrolytic graphite material has extremely low impurity level (< 10 ppm). And the coating layer has very high strength and it is dense with almost zero porosity. 
  • Pyrolytic graphite crucibles have similar advantages as glassy/vitreous carbon crucibles, and yet have lower costs.
  • Good for E-Beam liner
  • Good for corrosive material processing in a protective atmosphere
  • Minimal contamination, because of the high purity CVD process of making the material
  • Due to the dense coating, it is easy to dump out material, and therefore, good for multiple uses without cross contamination from batches. 
    Please check the drawing to make sure the crucible can fit your apparatus.
      We offer customization services to produce custom-made pyrolytic graphite crucibles as well as parts with other shapes based on the drawings provided by the customer.  Please email to to discuss your specific needs and get a quotation.

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