2" MetaPurex Film on Silicon Wafer

  • $ 18000

Electrical and Heat Resistance of Nanopec's 2" Ceramic Nano-Porous Film on Si Wafer

The electrical resistance of the walls of the nano-containers is extremely high
> 10^14 Ω. This is 10,000 higher than silica glass. This is a ceramic material with high insulation properties. Films can be heated up to 500 Celsius gradually without melting. Please consult with NANOPEC if you plan to heat up these films above 100 C.

Chemical Resistance

The chemical resistance of our films shares the same characteristics as most ceramics. It can withstand high acids, including 12M Sulfuric acid, down to pH= -1.1 but not stable at high basic pH (>7.5) for long periods of time. It is quite stable under all organic solvents.


Features of Nanopec's MetaPurex 2" Ceramic Nano-Porous Film on Si Wafer

      • MetaPurexTM ceramic films are extremely flexible.
      • Curvatures as low as to 1.25 centimeters in radius can be achieved, particularly for strips measuring several centimeters in length.
      • As with any ceramic, the films crack under high impact. Avoid puncturing objects and use flat surfaces if weight is applied.
      • When pressure is applied a silicone or equivalent O-ring is recommended. NANOPEC can recommend O-rings for specific applications.
        Refractive index of MetaPurex

      Applications of MetaPurex 2" Ceramic Nano-Porous Film on Si Wafer

      • Ultra-filtration:  capable of eliminating all bacteria, including mycoplasma and most common viruses above 60 nm in diameter.
      • Tissue Engineering:  in cell-culture the optimized nano-pores in  MetaPurexTM serve as anchoring points for human cell philopodia, promoting adhesion and faster differentiation.  Up to 30% faster differentiation and growth has been observed.
      • Nano-template fabrication: a perfect mold for fabricating nano-wires, nano-rods, nanotubes.  From gold to carbon to silicon. 
      • Photonics: Information processing in photonics is currently handled by artificial structures known as photonic crystals. 
      • Nano-containers are containers that can hold material volumes (solid, liquids, gels) on the order of a few nano-liters.  
      • Fuel cells:  the nano-pores in MetaPurexTM can easily be filled with Nafion.  Given the size of the pores (50-60 nm)

      metapurex pore structure

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