Rare Earth Metals and Compounds

As a leading supplier of high purity rare earth chemicals, MSE Supplies ( is your one-stop shop for rare earth products with more than 1,000 rare earth products.  In addition to rare earth metals, the rare earth compounds include rare earth acetates, carbonates, halides, hydroxides, nitrates, sulfates, and oxalates.  

The purity of each material can be offered from 99% to 99.9999% depending on your specific application needs.  

For rare earth metals, they are available in various shapes and forms including ingots, pieces, wires, foils, slabs, rods, discs and powder form. They can be used for sputtering, e-beaming and other vacuum and non-vacuum based processing methods. Please feel free to contact our experienced scientists and engineers for appropriate shapes for your specific application. 

All the chemicals will be packed and shipped according to your requirement and government regulations. All materials shipped by us are accompanied by the corresponding materials safety data sheet (MSDS) in compliance with OSHA  and a copy of the certificate of analysis (COA) is provided by our manufacturing plants for each specific production batch.