Southport JadeBio - Biomedical Inspection System

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MSE Supplies offers JadeBio - Biomedical Inspection System from Southport. It is a fluorescent confocal imaging system that combines real-time, high-speed, and high-resolution scanning. It can perform 3D imaging of optical slices by upgrading and integrating with the existing fluorescent microscope system. Combining the modules with high sensitivity and high dynamic contrast, it can achieve high-resolution, low-destructive, and low-photobleaching sample observations in contrast to using a few watts of fluorescent excitation light source, and thus achieving more accurate, long-term, and complete 3D biological sample signal. By the integration of the XYZ platform for large image stitching, you can see the full picture of a large area of biological microscopic images. JadeBio can also be upgraded to Raman spectroscope, time-resolved spectroscope, and other applications needed by the next generation. In addition, with the support of super-resolution optical technology, Southport can surpass the traditional optical limit (expect to reach a resolution of 100 nm or even 50 nm and overcome the limitation of requiring special dyes or special excitation methods).

Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan

Manufacturer: Southport Corporation

Key Features: 

  • High quality image  
  • Video-rate imaging  
  • Multiple laser stimulation  
  • Depth variable expansion module  
  • Super-resolution expansion module  
  • Spectrum analysis expansion module


  • In-vivo Biological Imaging
  • Live Organism Fixation Module
  • Bioengineering
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Neuroscience

Module Specification: 

Product Parameter Confocal expansion module
ExtDepth module

Compatible laser wavelength

400 - 700 nm

Depth-of-field variation range

80 μm (20x objective ; NA 0.45 )

Depth-of-field control method Software control
SuperRes module Compatible laser wavelength

400 - 700 nm

Depth-of-field variation range

100 nm (40x oil objective ; NA 1.3 )

Super-resolution / confocal switch method Software switch
SpecUpgrade module Analysis mode Single point Raman / PL spectrum
2D Raman / PL spectrum image
3D Raman / PL spectrum image
Raman spectrum

Excitation wavelength

785 nm

Wavenumber resolution

10 cm-1

Spectrum range

175 - 2900 cm-1

PL spectrum

Excitation wavelength

405, 488, 561, 640 nm

Wavenumber resolution

0.5 nm

Spectrum range

400 - 1100 nm

    About Southport: Established in August 2014. The founding team gathered talents from cross fields such as optics, materials, physics, and information, introducing novel optical design concepts in optical engineering. Southport's goal is to combine traditional optics with digital optics to create inspection systems that are more simplified, modularized and digitized.

    MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Southport Corporation in North America.