ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters

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MSE Supplies is a trusted partner globally in helping to enable innovations.  We have supplied materials, equipment, and lab supplies to over 2000 research laboratories and companies worldwide. 

MSE Supplies has ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer cutters.  These are the highest precision lab scale glass and wafer cutters that provide the best possible edge quality after cutting. Technically they are not cutters, but rather they scribe the material and allow the user to make a clean break along the scribe line.  These glass and wafer cutting tools have an ergonomic design for the ease-of-use for the users to cut larger size glass, crystal substrates and semiconductor wafers into smaller pieces quickly and easily. The cutters can be equipped with either a carbide or diamond cutting wheel. The ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters feature an adjustable pressure dial, which allows for consistent scribing with every pass, with no pressure needed from the user during scribing.

The ULTILE Precision Glass and Wafer Cutters do not come with the cutting wheel.  These are sold separately because everyone may be cutting different materials with differing thicknesses.  Carbide cutting wheels are generally good for softer materials such as borosilicate glass, soda lime glass and quartz.  While the diamond cutting wheels are used on harder materials like crystalline Silicon, YSZ, and Sapphire.  You will also need to know the general thickness of the material you will be cutting.  If you use a variety of materials you may need more than one cutting wheel.  Not sure which cutting wheel is correct for your application?  Email us at and one of our trained staffs will help you choose the right cutting wheel for your glass and wafer scribing and cutting applications.

You will also need to purchase a pair (qty. 2) of large magnetic or a pair (qty. 2) of small magnetic substrate holders.  You can mix and match the sizes. These are used to securely hold the material you are cutting in place.  The size you need depends on the length of material you are cutting.

If you are new to glass and wafer cutting or would just like to see a demonstration of these great products, please watch the video below.      



MSE Supplies  ( is a major supplier of laboratory equipment.  Please visit our online store to purchase your ULTILE precision glass and wafer cutting products through this link today.

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