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Neware BVIR Battery Internal Resistance Tester

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Product Details:

Neware BVIR Battery internal resistance tester is widely used to measure the Internal Resistance and Open Circuit Voltage of cells, such as Secondary battery, Lead acid battery, Nickle cadmium, Nickle-metal Hydride and Li-ion battery. It can be used as a quick battery failure analysis tool in battery research and industry.  

About Neware

Since 1998, Neware has been committed to providing world-class testing solutions for the batteries and capacitors. Neware has provided flexible, high accuracy battery testing equipment to more than 32,000 customers worldwide ranging from battery manufacturers to R&D institutes, such as Argonne National Lab, LG Chem, Johnson Matthey, 3M, MIT, Stanford University and Princeton University. Customers are satisficed with stable, cost-effective battery testing equipment, along with the great service of Neware. ISO9001:2015 certified.

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor of Neware in the USA. 

MSE Supplies is a US-based leading supplier of battery research materials and equipment with thousands of customers worldwide. 

Product Specifications:

SKU# BR0240
Neware Model BVIR
Measuring Method Four-terminal connection
Voltage Range 0~20V
Voltage Accuracy ±0.1%
Resistance Range Automatic switch between 0~200mΩ and 200~2000mΩ
Resistance Accuracy ± (0.5% of FS + 0.2% of reading)
Sampling Frequency 1kHz
Current Range Max AC 20mA
Number of Comparators Fourteen sets of voltage upper/lower limit and inter-resistance upper/lower limit
Data Storage 10,000 Entries
Dimensions 120x75x25 mm
Weight 200g
Operating Environment 10℃~ 40℃ in temperature and <70% RH in Humidity