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MSE PRO Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Paper, 50-60um Thickness

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MSE PRO™ Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Paper,

50-60um Thickness 

MSE supplies offers Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Papers with 50-60um thickness. Multi-walled carbon nanotube paper stands as a remarkable innovation in material engineering, comprising densely packed, interconnected layers of aligned carbon nanotubes. This ultra-thin, lightweight material exhibits exceptional mechanical strength, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and flexibility. With its unique structure resembling paper, it offers a versatile platform for diverse applications in electronics, energy storage, biomedical devices, and more.

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Technical Specifications:

CAS Number 308068-56-6
SKU# PO9303
Diameter 12~13 cm
Appearance Black Paper
Conductivity (2-4)x103 S/m
Thickness 50-60 um
Package 1 Piece/Pack


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