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MSE PRO 4 inch Aluminum Scandium Nitride AlScN Template on Sapphire (0001)

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MSE PRO™ 4 inch Aluminum Scandium Nitride AlScN Template on Sapphire (0001)

  • Product SKU#: WA0104
  • Substrate Thickness: Sapphire, 650+/- 20 µm 
  • Substrate Structure: Sapphire (0001), C-plane
  • Diameter: 100+/-0.5 mm
  • Thickness of AlScN layer: 800 nm
  • Usable Area: > 95%
  • Orientation: C plane (0001) +/- 1 degree
  • Total Thickness Variation (TTV): ≤ 20 µm
  • Bow/Warp: ≤ 40 µm
  • Crystallinity: XRD FWHM of (0002) ≤ 200 arcsec
  • Surface Roughness: Ra ≤ 10 nm (5 µm x 5 µm area)
  • Polishing: Single side polished (SSP) is standard. Double-side polished (DSP) is available upon request.
  • Package: single wafer containers

Aluminum scandium nitride (AlScN) on sapphire refers to the deposition of a thin AlScN film on a sapphire substrate. This process involves growing a layer of AlScN material on the surface of a sapphire wafer using techniques such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) or metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). Aluminum scandium nitride (AlScN) is a a wide-band gap semiconductor material composed of aluminum (Al), scandium (Sc), and nitrogen (N). Due to its excellent piezoelectric and acoustic properties, it is an ideal material for high-frequency acoustic devices. It is considered as the most promising substrate for 5G radio frequency SAW/BAW filters.

1. The crystalline quality may not be as good as indicated by XRD when tested using other methods.
2. Apart from the AlScN layer, there is an AlN buffer layer.


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