New Product: LSP 100 FAST Field Assisted / SPS / DCS Laboratory Sintering Press

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LSP 100 FAST/SPS/DCS Laboratory Sintering Press Made in Germany by Dr. Fritsch

- Laboratory Sintering Press for research and development

- Made for smaller specimen dimensions with Ø10 - 30 mm

- Offers all the advantages of short cycle times by FAST/SPS technology 

- Precise measurement of temperature and pressure

- Software for process documentation via PC


- Tri-Force design that can separate contact pressure from current flow

- Pulse generator for DC transformer

- AC transformer

- Remote maintenance

- High temperature up to 2400°C

- Fine vacuum

- Chiller


- Pre-transformer from deviating mains frequency

- Software for sinter program administration via PC

Many leading universities and research institutes around the world use the FAST/SPS Sintering Presses from Dr. Fritsch. Up until now, these sintering presses were relatively large, because they often involved the development of new products for the industry. In research, however, material samples with a small diameter are also often sintered, e.g. 10-30 mm. For exactly this application, Dr. Fritsch has now developed a new FAST/SPS Sintering Press.

The LSP 100 Laboratory Sintering Press is very compact and designed for small laboratories. Attached wheels allow flexible and easy positioning of the machine. A glovebox can be connected and an independent cooling water supply is possible as an option as well. Alternatively, the machine can be connected to fresh water supply thanks to its low cooling water consumption. 

The standard machine comes with AC (alternating current). Thanks to the forth and back flow direction of AC, this kind of current is prevents or reduces electron migration as well as interlayer boundaries. The current is not pulsed, but changes its direction. However, the machine can also be delivered with the pulsed DC current which is typical for SPS machines. A patent has been filed, which gives the LSP 100 additional features (to be published in near future). Typical for Dr. Fritsch is the very intuitive operation and clear definition of access authorization. In this way, even less experienced employees can work quickly and safely with the FAST/SPS systems.

The optional patented TRI-FORCE system allows the separation of current flow and pressure for the first time in the history of SPS. This has some unique advantages:

-Pressureless sintering according to the FAST/SPS principle

-De-gassing of additives without hindrance

-Higher heating rates, particularly with sintering small samples

-Sintering with liquid phases, since liquids will not be pressed out of the mold

-Ejection of the inner pin in hot state under vacuum and inert gas when sintering rings

-Homogeneous heating of non-conductive or semiconductive or semiconductive materials 

If required, we can also supply a suitable transformer (if your supply voltage differs from 400V (+ / - 10% tolerance) and a chiller for the cooling water with an integrated water tank in the event that it is difficult to connect the machine to your own cooling water supply network.

    Download LSP 100 Technical Specification / Data Sheet

      About Dr. Fristch FAST / SPS / DCS machines

      Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST) , also known as Spark plasma sintering (SPS), or Direct Current Sintering (DCS), is an innovative sintering technique, which has been increasingly used to sinter a variety of materials with nano-sized grains and superior properties.

      Dr. Fritsch is the market leader in field assisted sintering (FAST) / SPS / DCS furnaces and presses. More than 1,000 FAST sinter presses have been installed at research universities and companies worldwide. In fact, Dr. Fritsch produces more FAST / SPS / DCS sintering presses per year than all other manufacturers combined!

      The main characteristic of Dr. Fritsch FAST press / SPS / DCS furnace is that the continuous high density electric current directly passes through the graphite die, as well as the powder compact, in case of conductive samples. Joule heating has been found to play a dominant role in the densification of powder compacts, which results in achieving near theoretical density at lower sintering temperature compared to conventional sintering techniques. The heat generation is internal, in contrast to the conventional hot pressing, where the heat is provided by external heating elements. This facilitates a very high heating or cooling rate (up to 1000 K/min), hence the sintering process generally is very fast (within a few minutes). The general speed of the process ensures it has the potential of densifying powders with nanosize or nanostructure while avoiding coarsening which accompanies standard densification routes. This has made SPS a good method for preparation of ceramics based on nanoparticles with enhanced physical properties.

      MSE Supplies LLC is the designated distributor of Dr. Fritsch Sintering Presses in the United States.

      All customer services are provided by MSE Supplies and all spare parts and accessories are shipped from the USA, which keeps the cost low and delivery fast for the customers of Dr. Fritsch FAST / SPS / DCS presses and furnaces.