IKA MINISTAR 20 Control Overhead Stirrers (15 L, 2000 rpm)

  • $ 2,18932

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Product Details

Item number: 0025005074

The new MINISTAR series by IKA: Developed using the latest cutting-edge technology, this high-tech overhead stirrer with its compact design is ideal for special applications.
Combining high performance with particular excellence, they require minimum space and come with a lifetime guarantee. See for yourself:

“The Fast One” in the high-tech mini class, perfect for low viscosities!
  • Hardened glass enclosed, fast response display for maximum visibility and chemical resistance
  • State-of-art vibration sensors detect deviations from permissible thresholds and automatically stop the process
  • Clear display for all essential information at a glance
  • Integrated timer / counter for the control of kinetic sensitive reactions and reminders
  • Viscosities up to 10,000 mPas and volumes of up to 15 l
  • Continuously adjustable speed between 0/30 – 2,000 rpm
  • USB interface, e.g. for documenting parameters using labworldsoft® or installing firmware updates
  • Intuitive and simple handling; touch-sensitive surface for long service life
  • Temperature reading on display
  • Chemical resistant housing
  • Key lock function
  • Microprocessor-controlled speed governor for constant rotational speed, even with changes in viscosity
Scope of delivery
  • MINISTAR 20 control
  • R 300 shaft protector
  • Fasten screws for R 300 (2 pcs.)
  • H 67.60 Temperature sensor, stainless steel
  • chuck key

                                                    About IKA

                                                    Founded in 1910 as a supplier for pharmacies and hospitals, the company left bombed-out Cologne for Staufen im Breisgau in 1942. There it quickly became the world's leading company for laboratory technology as well as dispersing, stirring and kneading machines.

                                                    Technical Data of IKA MINISTAR 20 Control Overhead Stirrers (15 L, 2000 rpm)

                                                    Stirring quantity max. per stirring position (H2O) 15 L
                                                    Motor rating input 60 W
                                                    Motor rating output 46 W
                                                    Motor principle Brushless DC
                                                    Speed display LCD
                                                    Speed range 0/50 - 2000 rpm
                                                    Viscosity max. 10000 mPas
                                                    Output max. at stirring shaft 42 W
                                                    Permissible ON time 100 %
                                                    Torque max. at stirring shaft 20 Ncm
                                                    Speed adjustment Turning knob
                                                    Setting accuracy speed ±1 rpm
                                                    Deviation of speed measurement n > 300rpm ±3 %
                                                    Stirring element fastening chuck
                                                    Connection for ext. temperature sensor PT1000
                                                    Temperature display yes
                                                    Chuck range diameter 0.5 - 8.2 mm
                                                    Hollow shaft, inner diameter 8.5 mm
                                                    Hollow shaft (push-through - when stopped) yes
                                                    Fastening on stand extension arm
                                                    Extension arm diameter 13 mm
                                                    Extension arm length 160 mm
                                                    Torque display yes
                                                    Speed control electronic
                                                    Nominal torque 0.2 Nm
                                                    Torque measurement trend
                                                    Deviation of torque measurement I ±3 Ncm
                                                    Timer yes
                                                    Timer display LCD
                                                    Time setting range 0 - 6000 min
                                                    Temperature measuring range -10 - 350 °C
                                                    Temperature measurement resolution 0.1 K
                                                    Accuracy of temperature measurement ±0.5 + tolerance PT1000 (DIN EN 60751 Class A) K
                                                    Limit deviation temperature sensor ≤ ± (0.15 + 0.002xITI) K
                                                    Housing material alu-cast coating / thermoplastic polymer
                                                    Communication distance (depend onbuilding) max. 150 m
                                                    Dimensions (W x H x D) 70 x 193 x 154 mm
                                                    Weight 1.56 kg
                                                    Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
                                                    Permissible relative humidity 80 %
                                                    Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 54
                                                    USB interface yes
                                                    Voltage 100 - 240 V
                                                    Frequency 50/60 Hz
                                                    Power input 69 W
                                                    DC Voltage 24 V=
                                                    Current consumption 2900 mA

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