High Purity Sacrificial Carbon Tapes, LTCC Carbon Tapes, Fugitive Tapes


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Product details

High Purity Sacrificial LTCC Carbon Tapes

Sacrificial "thermally fugitive" carbon tapes and carbon paste are used for fabricating buried cavities, micro-channels, and MEM's structures in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) multilayer devices and other laminated components. Such fugitive tapes can be completed burned out during firing to leave desired cavities. 

MSE Supplies LLC is an authorized distributor of these products made by C12 Advanced Technologies. 

Product Descriptions

C12 Advanced Technologies' LTCC Carbon Tapes are thin, flexible fugitive tapes made of specially processed, high purity carbon. LTCC Carbon Tapes are used to form in-situ channels, cavities, and MEMs structures in LTCC laminates and other multilayer components. LTCC Carbon Fugitive Tapes and Carbon Fugitive Paste are designed to be compatible with all major commercial LTCC tape and screen printable systems. Our "thermally fugitive" LTCC Carbon Tapes are engineered to burn out cleanly in air atmospheres, and begin to rapidly sublimate at 600 Deg. C as the ceramic matrix sinters, leaving behind well-defined features such as cavities and channels. LTCC Carbon Tapes create precise, stress-free structures unlike conventional fugitive materials, such as waxes and polymers, which often leave residue and result in stress related distortion. LTCC Carbon Tapes are also a cost effective alternative to using removable inserts such as platinum or latex to create structural features. LTCC Carbon Tapes do not smudge, and are easily punched or cut into complex shapes with simple tools or with low-power laser trimmers.

TGA of sacrificial carbon tape for LTCC

recommended firing schedule for LTCC carbon tape

Carbon Tapes and Carbon Paste Product Features:

  • Forms in-situ, buried channels, cavities, and MEMs structures in LTCC and other multilayer composites.
  • Prevents deformation during high pressure lamination of multilayer structures.
  • Prevents slumping during firing.
  • Contains high purity carbon which burns out cleanly in air atmospheres – sublimates directly without causing stress on green parts.
  • Cost effective substitute for removable inserts (e.g. latex, platinum, etc.)
  • Does not require complex lamination and firing cycles that are necessary when using other fugitive materials such as wax or polymeric materials.
  • Compatible with all major commercial LTCC tape and screen printable systems.

Applications include forming buried channels, cavities and ports in:

  • Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC).
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) membranes.
  • Ceramic MEM's.
  • Microfluidic devices with channels for gasses and fluids.
  • Suspended structures, (accelerometers, pumps, flow sensors, etc.)
  • Microreactors and microcombustors.
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) and rapid prototyping.
  • Thermally fugitive masking materials.