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500g Battery Grade (≥99.5%) Lithium Phosphate (Li3PO4)

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Product Details:

Lithium phosphate is a white crystal and slightly soluble in water. It is majorly used in synthesis of battery cathode material and the form of a conductive thin-film electrolyte on battery materials. It also can be used to produce glass, disk, colorful phosphor powder.

    Product SKU#: PO5020

    Packing: 500g per bottle

    Color: White

    CAS Number: 10377-52-3

    Molecular Weight: 115.79 g/mol

    Particle Size: -200 mesh

    Typical Compositions:

    Li 17.85%
    P 26.45%
    Al <0.001
    Ca 0.075
    Mg 0.007
    K 0.002
    Na 0.078
    Fe 0.006
    Cu <0.001
    Pb <0.001
    Mn 0.006
    Zn 0.002
    Cl 0.008
    S 0.078
    F 0.18



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