Customized Materials and Equipment Solutions

MSE Supplies offers materials and equipment solutions customized to meet your specific project requirements. Best-in-class technical support and customer services are provided to you by a team of dedicated PhD scientists and engineers from MSE Supplies. 

How Does MSE Supplies Customization Solutions Work?

MSE Supplies Customization Solutions Workflow

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Typical Customized Products Provided by MSE Supplies

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    Customer Success Story: NASA used custom-made SiC epitaxial wafers and SiC substrates from by MSE Supplies to develop high temperature and smart silicon carbide electronics and sensors.

    Lear more about NASA's SiC devices built on the custom made SiC epitaxial wafers supplied by MSE Supplies. Click here.

    Customer Testimonials for MSE Supplies

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    We have a customer from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL (Golden, CO).

    They contacted us for FTO substrates with the special etch pattern requirement. Because they were running an experimental matrix to optimize their solar cell performance, they provided us a range of key parameters, such as sheet resistance, substrate thickness requirements. We have worked with them by providing the flexibility to meet the complex experimental matrix requirements. Within two weeks, we delivered all the needed substrates. After testing our custom-processed products, they have told us that the products have met all their requirements and our price is the best. We have since then continued to collaborate with NREL to further support their efforts to improve their solar cell performance.

    Berkeley logo

    A PhD student at UC Berkeley worked with MSE Supplies to fabricate several hundred customized ITO and FTO substrates for his thesis research, and he had a very positive feedback on the products and services he received from MSE Supplies.  

    "The uniformity of the ITO and FTO layers were excellent, and the custom pattern I ordered was well formed." 
    "The variation in size from substrate to substrate is within the margins of errors I needed, so that's great too." 
    "I appreciate the great customer service and diligence you've shown in customizing my substrates." 
    "I very much appreciate the great customer service and rapid processing time for customized FTO glass slides. The substrates are very uniform and the thickness is perfect for electrochemical depositions and SEM imaging! I highly recommend all electrochemists to buy their substrates from MSE Supplies."
    -Dr. Agnes Thorarinsdottir, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University


    Why do we provide customization services?

    All the MSE Supplies technical team members have extensive experience working as scientists and engineers in both academia and industrial environments.  As researchers, very often, we had to search for materials and equipment with specific characteristics and sometimes we had to modify specific features on equipment to make them suitable for our research. All such efforts were not only very time consuming, but they can be frustrating too, especially when we had limited resources available in our labs.  

    Don't let that kind of frustration stop you from trying new ideas, exploring new processes, and developing new innovations. That is why we are here to help to provide you with customized equipment and materials in order to accelerate your research innovations.

    If you have any special needs in research, please contact MSE Supplies for solutions customized just for you.

    At MSE Supplies, our mission is to enable your innovations as a trusted partner.