Sialon Phosphors

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Sialon phosphors, which are mainly composed by elements of Si-Al-O-N, can emit different colors when the component changes. It is very chemically stable and durable. The luminous intensity is also stable even at high temperatures. These Sialon phosphors are widely used in white LED. 

The spectrum of Sialon phosphors can be tuned upon your request. Tunable emission colors can be realized by tailoring the material compositions in system Si-Al-O-N. These promise high color rendering of white LED for general lighting. In addition, excellent chemical stability and small thermal quenching enable sialon phosphors to be the best choices for such applications. Green and red sialon phosphors have also been applied in backlight for liquid crystal display with wide color gamut.

At MSE Supplies, we can provide a variety of Sialon phosphors to support your research and production. The typical products are listed below:

 Product SKU# Maximum excitation wavelength (nm) Maximum emission wavelength (nm)
Blue Emitting Phosphor (AIN) LM0108 295 462
Broadband Blue Emitting Phosphor (JEM) LM0109 295 462
Narrowband Blue Emitting Phosphor LM0110 372 456
Boradband Bluish-Green Emitting Phosphor (α-SiAlON) LM0111 365 508
Narrowband Green Emitting Phosphor (β-SiAlON) LM0112 302 538
Yellow (to Orange) Emitting Phosphor (α-SiAlON) LM0113 390 586
Red Emitting Phosphor (CASN) LM0114 328 652


 Also available: NIMS Standard Phosphors Set

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