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MSE Supplies is a trusted partner globally in helping to enable innovations.  We have supplied materials, equipment, and lab supplies to over 2000 research laboratories and companies worldwide.  We are a U.S. based supplier helping the advancement of research in fields such as materials science, metallurgy, energy storage, semiconductors, photonics, and basic science research to name a few. 

 The goal with this article today is to highlight research going on worldwide using our products that have been presented in peer reviewed journals.

Researchers in Sweden and Germany, used 2 inch Undoped N-type 4 um Gallium Nitride Template on Sapphire from MSE Supplies to make a device to drive and observe light wave currents based on ultrabroadband titanium-sapphire oscillator. 

The authors state that measurements of this nature in the past have been performed using extremely short, single cycle laser pulses, at a low repetition rate.  Measurements acquired in this fashion limit its usefulness in ultrafast electronics.  After building their device based on the GaN templated sapphire, purchased at MSE Supplies, they were able to make measurements at a rate 2 orders of magnitude higher than that presented in previous work.  According to the authors, this work is the next step in having the ability to control currents in electronics with light.  

Reference: Fabian Langer, Yen-Po Liu, Zhe Ren, Vidar Flodgren, Chen Guo, Jan Vogelsang, Sara Mikaelsson, Ivan Sytcevich, Jan Ahrens, Anne L’Huillier, Cord L. Arnold, and Anders Mikkelsen, “Few-cycle lightwave-driven currents in a semiconductor at high repetition rate”, Optica Vol. 7, Issue 4, pp. 276-279 (2020)


This is just a one of our many GaN templated on sapphire products.  We look forward to working with you and supporting your successful research projects.


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