Lutetium (III) Oxide (Lu2O3) 99.995% 4N5 Powder

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Lu2O3 (Lutetium (III) Oxide, Lutetium Sesquioxide,) is used in ceramics, glass, scintillators, and solid stated lasers.  Lu2O3 is commonly used as a host material in making laser gain media.  This material is widely used in crystal growth and other industrial applications such as transparent ceramics, polishing compounds, pigments, and vapor deposition materials.  We offer several package sizes of lutetium oxide powders in 99.995% purity.

  • Our 99.995% Lu2O3 is a pure precursor that will lead to high quality crystals and optical materials.
  • Starting with our 99.995% Lu2O3 will lead to materials with superior physical optical properties, due to the lack of impurities.
  • Our 99.995% Lu2O3 pricing is highly competitive
  • Our 99.995% Lu2O3 is the best value for your budget

A couple of examples where high purity Lu2O3 was used in research leading to outstanding research results are:

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine published an article where they made and used Eu:Lu2O3 to create a very bright thin film scintillator for single cell radionuclide images.  They use this technique to view the metabolic properties of similar cells in real time. One of the starting materials to make this material was high purity Lu2O3

In another example where high purity Lu2O3 was employed, researchers at Clemson University grew single crystals of Lutetia via hydrothermal crystal growth techniques.  Some of the materials were doped with laser active ions and they were then studied using spectroscopic techniques.  The thermal conductivity of the crystals was also investigated.


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