Battery Testing System

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Battery is a generic term for the following three forms: battery cell, battery module and battery pack. Battery cell is the smallest unit. Battery module consists of series-parallel combinations of cells as well as connectors, electronics and packaging. Several modules and battery management system (BMS) can form a battery pack. Different forms of battery require different testing systems. Cell testers mainly focus on testing cells’ electrochemical performance. Module level testing evaluates overall performance including charge/discharge tests for cell connections. Pack level testing also focus on overall battery performance including BMS communication, safety mechanism etc.

MSE Supplies offers various Neware equipment for cell testing, module testing and battery pack testing systems. The testing systems support cycle life test, capacity test, DCIR, dQ/dV, HPPC, etc.

Battery Cell Testing System

Neware CT-4000 battery testing system enables users to perform cycle life test, capacity test, DCIR tests, dQ/dV and other basic tests on three-electrode system. It has eight channels and can be used to test electrochemical performance for coin cells, cylinder cells and pouch cells. If you need to customize maximum current, please email us at

Testing System

Voltage range

Voltage accuracy

Current range

Current accuracy

CT-4008T 5V10mA Battery Testing System



± 0.05% FS


5μA-1mA;1mA-5mA; 5mA-10mA

± 0.05% FS


CT-4008T 5V20mA Battery Testing System

5μA-1mA; 1mA-5mA; 10mA-20mA

CT-4008T 5V50mA Battery Testing System

5μA-1mA; 1mA-25mA; 25mA-50mA

CT-4008T 5V6A Battery Testing System for Cylindrical and Pouch Cells

0.5mA-0.1A; 0.1A-3A; 3A-6A

CT-4008T 5V12A Battery Testing System for Cylindrical and Pouch Cells

5mA-1A; 1A-6A; 6A-12A


Battery Module Testing System

Neware CE-6012 is designed for charge/discharge test specialized in high power module battery. It supports the profile dynamic simulation, such as DCIR test, and widely used in EV battery testing. If you need to customize the number and maximum current of channel, please email us at

Battery Pack Testing System

Neware CE-7002 is widely used in EV battery and energy storage battery testing. It supports BMS/ BMU communication and is able to detect the voltage and temperature of each single cell in battery packs. If you need to customize maximum voltage/current, please email us at

MSE Supplies  ( is a major global supplier of Lithium Battery Materials and Equipment. Both standard and customized products are available from MSE Supplies. If you need something not listed on our website, please email us at and we will prepare a quote for the customized products for you.  If you have any questions, please email us at

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