LLZO Supplier Germany

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LLZO Supplier Germany

LLZO has attracted significant attention due to its potential as a suitable solid-state electrolyte for lithium metal batteries. It has high Li-ion conductivity and is stable against metallic lithium. Moreover, LLZO powder can be handled and processed in air, which is one of its attractive features.

The general chemical formula of garnet structure is A3B2(XO4)3, where A = La and X = Zr, Nb, Ta and B = Al, Ga, Ge, Fe. LLZO is one of the popular garnet types of inorganic solid electrolyte due to its high room temperature Li-ion conductivity. LLZO doped with Ta, Al, Ga, Nb or Te can further improve the ionic conductivity.

MSE Supplies offers LLZO powders with various doping such as Ta-doped, Al doped, and Nb-doped LLZO. Many published papers have used MSE Supplies LLZO for various research. For example:

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  6. A Morphologically Stable Li/Electrolyte Interface for All-Solid-State Batteries Enabled by 3D-Micropatterned Garnet, Advanced materials, 2021

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