Career Opportunity: Content Marketing (Materials Science) Specialist

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Job Summary

With a mission to support scientists and engineers worldwide to accelerate their innovations, MSE Supplies LLC has created an exciting career opportunity for a Content Marketing (Materials Science) Specialist. MSE Supplies LLC is seeking an entrepreneurial and results-driven high-achiever to join our fast-growing team. This marketing professional will be a subject matter expert in materials science. The focus of this position will include developing technical content and marketing collateral, marketing communication programs, and search engine optimization (SEO) to drive the business growth of our materials science product lines. This position offers a competitive base salary, generous profit-sharing bonus and an opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in a fast-growing team.


MSE Supplies ( is a U.S.-based leading supplier of high quality materials, equipment and analytical services for advanced materials research and production. With a global customer base of more than 2,000 research universities, government labs, as well as Fortune 500 companies and technology start-ups, we support scientists and engineers worldwide to accelerate their innovations.

Our Products and Services

    How to Apply:

    Please send cover letter, resume and salary requirements along with your application to

    Essential Responsibilities:

    - Write marketing content for our ecommerce website and other customer-facing marketing colletaral materials. Assure accuracy and clarity of the content.

    - Clearly articulate product value propositions and positioning of key features/benefits.

    - Develop marketing campaigns with compelling content to drive traffic and conversion rate.

    - Coordinate with graphic design on the creation and optimization of photo and video content to support branding and sales goals.

    - Manage social media marketing accounts and campaigns.

    - Monitor, refine and learn from Google Ads campaigns and feed the knowledge back into organic SEO and content marketing.

    - Define and execute a marketing outreach program for the purposes of backlink generation.

    - Manage larger content development projects that may require third party bids and completion. Communicate with third party contractors and manage the quality of the deliverables.

    - Strategic decision making on branding, site performance and achievement of departmental and company-wide objectives.

    - Collaborate with the operations team on the CRM system for improving the workflow efficiency, getting insight in the website traffic and customer data analytics, and running targeted marketing campaigns.


    • Bachelor’s degree or better in Science, Engineering, Business or Writing.
    • 3+ years of experience in science and marketing.
    • Strong organizational skills.
    • Strong technical writing skills.
    • Desire to learn and grow in marketing, particularly in the context of materials science.
    • Scientific background (materials science, chemistry, semiconductors, lithium battery materials, nano materials, etc.) preferred.

     Work Location:

    This position will be based out of the San Francisco Bay Area with the option to work from home. Working remotely is available for a highly qualified candidate.

    Job Types:

    Full-time or Contract

    Salary and Benefits

    This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast-growing company that offers a competitive compensation package and benefits (health insurance coverage, 401k, PTO, etc.) as well as plenty of room for career growth.

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